Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow Fun!

Snow fun like fun in the snow.

I thought we would make the most of the snow today and my DS asked if he could have a sleigh so I thought why not make the most of it and it was so worth it. We went to a football field nearby and joined the rest of the kids sledging and parents standing around moaning about the cold, luckily there was more than one hill so there was no fighting about whose turn it was.

This is one of my New Years ''promises'' to myself, to take my camera out of the bag more often and use it! plus make some scrapbook pages this will be my first page of 2010. I`ll post it when I have done it. 

Judging by his face I would say it was a shut my eyes and hope for the best ride! especially when he was aiming for between the goalposts!!!! but he kept on smiling.

I even braved a go, I knew you wouldn`t believe it so I got DS to take a piccie and I quite like it, one of the few I do! It was fun, like being a kid again. Just goes to show you never truly grow up one of my favourite sayings is: You don`t stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing! 

I even got DS to make a snow angel, his first one of 2010. May not even be his last if this weather continues.

I couldn`t resist taking one last piccie as we were leaving and it turned out OK.

Hope you all enjoy these piccies as much as we enjoyed doing them

See you soon

Anne x 

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