Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Sad news.

The sad news is we lost our dearly beloved Jake last week, it happened so quickly we went for a walk in the morning and when we got home I noticed his eyes were a touch yellow so I phoned the vets and got an appointment that morning at 10.20am. When we got there she said he was very ill and she would take some blood tests and do a scan of his belly, so I had to leave him there while she did those things. She rung about 1pm to tell me it was his Liver, the scan showed it was very swollen and the tests showed the enzymes in his blood were so high that she couldn`t get a proper indication how bad it was but the prognosis was bad, very bad and should consider what to do next. Anyway by 5.30pm I was beside myself what to do so I went to see the vet for advice, She said it was Cholangiohepititas and there was nothing they could do, they could keep him on his drip for a few days to see if he would improve and try and treat the condition but he was so ill she didn`t advise that and being at the surgery would have stressed him more than he should of been, she also said they could do a biopsy of his liver but he may not survive the anesthetic so I made the choice to let him go where he wouldn`t suffer any longer, it was so hard to do but I know it was for the best. R.I.P Jake we love you x


Karen said...

So sorry to hear your sad news Anne. {{{{ HUGS }}}}.

Love Karen x

Lesley said...

a difficult decision but I think you made the right one but I'm sure it was very hard for you Lesley x