Saturday, 26 November 2011

Awaiting a floor ?????

I'm sorry for lack of posts just lately but that is because of lack of craft room, well dining room really! There was a problem with the floor, we only noticed it when the fridge started to tilt to one side (not a good thing) so it had to be moved into the living room!!! then the rest of the room had to be cleared to make way for the workmen so they could come and see what was really going on with the floor, it all had to go into the garage (boohoo) I think I am having withdrawal symptoms. Anyway the workman came and took some of the floor up and saw that the floorboards were rotten, apparently there was no ventilation. So I had to live with a hole in the floor for a week until they then came to take it all up and fill with cement, it was like a sauna in there in there for a day, the water was running down the walls, that was last week and yesterday the man who is going to put the laminate down cannot come till next week if i'm lucky! Half of me is glad it is a rented property but the other half of me thinks that if it was my own house it would be sorted by now!! So I am still without a craft/dining room till next week, fingers crossed it will get done soon as I need to crack on with Christmas projects. Bear with me until this is fixed then I will get back on track.