Friday, 22 January 2010

Here we go again!

You thought I'd forgotten to post didn't you! Well truth is I have had such a rubbish start to the year I nearly didn't but I'm here now to tell you the tale. You all know about what happened to Jake, well on the same day the car had to go to the garage to be fixed (luckily it turned out to be nothing major but still got me worried and it was £118!) and the Tuesday before that I was made redundant, it feels like I have lived a year already I am feeling so down that I didn't think I would be able to pick myself up yet again (why does it always seem to happen to me) but I think I may just have managed it again. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, well at this rate I'm going to look like the Hulk soon but not green, maybe purple! 

So anyway I am job hunting yet again there are jobs out there but I am not qualified for the majority of them and the others are either night shifts or too far away! Think positive, think positive, something will turn up just at the right time ( a lottery win wouldn't go amiss to tide us over, hint, hint!) I know there are people much worse off than me but I sometimes feel so alone even though I have a lovely Hubby and kids and of course Oscar to keep me busy, I'm sure you understand.

I've got to go now and get tea ready before the kids kill each other

See you soon

Anne x 


Karen said...

Aaaaawwww mate am so sorry to hear your news. Keep ypur chin up
{{{{ HUGS }}}}

Love Karen x

Lesley said...

stay positive - good will always prevail and there is a job with your name on it out there - great to see you on Monday tho' & see you soon - Lesley x

Tracey said...

Anne, something will turn up at the right time I am sure of it. Keep smiling in the meantime and you always know where I am if you fancy a coffee.

Would love to see some of the fantastic jewlery pieces you have made if you have photos