Friday, 27 April 2012

A little bit of Mojo!

Hello Everyone,
April is nearly over but what happened to March!
 I must of blinked and missed it. 
I thought you would like to know I have found a little
 bit of mojo, can you believe it?
I knew it was lurking around somewhere, 
just hiding very, very well!
The cards I have made are 5" x 5" as they are the only 
size of envelopes I have.
I hope you like them, please feel free to leave any comments.

Also some other news which you can see better over on Facebook.
I bought some beads of Jewellery and they run this competition called Chosen By You, where you send your choice of 10 items from their website and if they use them on their program, you get what has been made with them. Well I came home today and there was a parcel waiting, it was from them! my choices had been used on 22/04/12.
It has made my day.
This is the picture from Facebook.