Friday, 28 February 2014

Wait a year!!

I can't believe it has been over a year since I last posted 
something on here! Where has that time gone? 
I have separated from my other half, moved house and 
got a new job so it is all change for me and my boys, 
all for the better too.
I really must try and make more things to put on here
 as my inspiration and mojo keep making an appearance 
every now and then. I would also like to take part in some 
challenges but always forget about them till it is too late to enter.
Here is a couple of things I made using the wreath pattern from Docrafts 
I know a wreath is a Christmas thing but I just wanted to have a go 
and here are the results

Made using Stampin Up Old Olive patterned paper

Made using Basic Gray paper and the stamps are the free ones
 that came with Creative Stamping Issue 15 
they are great this time around

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A trickle of inspiration

Well it isn't much but I have had some inspiration over the past few days, a little help from my crafting friends at Creative Minds Craft Group
Elke and Sylvia, Thanks Ladies you have been a big help.
Last week we were playing with inks and I made quite a few backgrounds with inks and water.

Then this week I was determined to make at
least 1 card but instead I made 6!
Yes they are only small 4" x 4" but they are still cards.
I was really happy with them but some need finishing off a little.

and I just had to share this photo as although I didn't really enjoy the snow Oscar did..

Hope you have a good day.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Dabbler's Birthdays

I thought a good way to get my mojo flowing would be to join the birthday list for Dabblers, you send everyone on the list a card on their birthday and then when it is your birthday, everyone on the list sends you one. It is really amazing to see all the different styles of cards that come through your door and makes it all worth while. I have sent cards to Pauline, Elvie, Lesley and Liz this month hope you all had a good day ladies. Here are the cards I made but apologies as I cannot remember who I sent which card. 



I used the free papers and toppers from the latest issue of Making Cards, my aim this year, to use up some of the many editions I have and actually make them into cards.
 Hope you like them.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy New Year

I know it is a little late, but better late than never. Well Christmas is now just a memory and a hole in my bank account but don't want to dwell on that have got Christmas this year to save for. Hope you all had a good one though, I did, nice and quiet, spent with family. I have made a few resolutions for this year, I won't go into too much detail but one of them is to do more crafting and keep my blog up to date, I want my mojo to stick around this year and it seems to be flowing at the moment. I have so much stuff that I am going to use up as much as I can, before buying anything new....we'll see how long that will last! 

Here is some Snowman Soup packets (Hot Chocolate sachet, Candy Cane and mini marshmallows) I made up for Lesley at Little Treats in Spondon, Derby for Christmas. These were fun to make, used up a lot of my old papers and proved to be quite popular.

Here is a card I made for
Sheila and Dave's 25th Wedding Anniversary.
Picture isn't very good as was taken inside whilst dark but it was the only chance
I got to take it before giving it to them.

Hope to be back soon.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Christmas Is Coming

I thought I would show you a few cards I have made recently, I decided to use stuff that I already had in my stash and done nothing with...I have got several Making Cards magazines that I have bought over the years and never used the free papers so hopefully I will be posting more soon.

 I have even made a start on some Christmas ones as it will soon be here!

Hope you like them


Monday, 10 September 2012

won't keep saying sorry

Well as the title says I won't keep saying sorry for not posting, that's all I seem to do on here,
 my laptop is dead, this computer is temperamental! and I have had a serious lack of mojo... nothing new, that was until I came across a wonderful craft group
called Creative Minds Craft Group thanks Elke and Sylvia
for boosting my mojo and giving me some inspiration.
Here is a card I made for my Sister and Brother in Law's
wedding anniversary last month, simple but I like it.

Then this week I made some samples for Sheila over at
 Crafty Ways using
Hot Of The Press Vintage Christmas Magazine 2012
It is a lovely magazine, only wish I had a printer so I
could print of some of the sentiments on the free disc.
the white bit is where someone ripped off the sellotape without care!

Hope you like them.

Friday, 27 April 2012

A little bit of Mojo!

Hello Everyone,
April is nearly over but what happened to March!
 I must of blinked and missed it. 
I thought you would like to know I have found a little
 bit of mojo, can you believe it?
I knew it was lurking around somewhere, 
just hiding very, very well!
The cards I have made are 5" x 5" as they are the only 
size of envelopes I have.
I hope you like them, please feel free to leave any comments.

Also some other news which you can see better over on Facebook.
I bought some beads of Jewellery and they run this competition called Chosen By You, where you send your choice of 10 items from their website and if they use them on their program, you get what has been made with them. Well I came home today and there was a parcel waiting, it was from them! my choices had been used on 22/04/12.
It has made my day.
This is the picture from Facebook.