Sunday, 14 March 2010

Well I am still here just about, Time really does fly by, I had another birthday, I feel old now but I'm sure that will pass. I still don't have a job and have had to go to a Back to Work interview in the week and I was the only woman in a room of blokes, felt a bit out of place there.

Oscar is getting so big now it is hard to even picture him as small as he was when we brought him home and he is still growing but he is so well behaved I love him to bits.

One piece of exciting news I have is that I have got a few pieces of my jewellery in a shop. The shop is Maz's who is Karen's MIL and it is called Love,Heart,Home it is definately worth having a look. She does have some beautiful things.

I have also discovered the powers of  Ebay, I have put alot of my craft things on there, to try and make some room for more and am adding more things daily. I have also put some things on there for my Mum., she is moving to Gibraltor in September, I wish her lots of luck and will try to help where I can, even if that means getting up at 5.30am on a Sunday morning to go carbooting.

Bye for now

Anne x


Lesley said...

that's brilliant that you've an outlet for your jewellery - and you cracked the use of e-bay for selling items - best wishes Lesley x

Tracey said...

Your jewellery looks lovely in the shop. good luck with ebay, wish I had time to do the same.

Look forward to seeing you later this week