Thursday, 18 February 2010

Hello again people, I'm sorry I've not posted in ages, again!!

I'm not very good at this as time is just flying by. I suppose that for some people that is good cos it means the weekend comes around quicker but that also means it goes quicker too!

Anyway nothing interesting to tell you, Oscar is getting bigger by the day but is just as cute

He is so well behaved (at the moment!) it is a joy to have him around. Part of me hopes he'll never grow up! I'm still without a job but I'm glad of that this week as the kids are off. I have put a couple of things on Etsy it is a big learning curve as I have had to learn to take the photos and crop them etc.. It is so hard taking it all in, it feels like my head is going to explode but I can only get better at it (i hope!) If you can have a quick look and then let me know what you think any suggestions will be noted.

Bye for now

Anne x

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