Sunday, 21 March 2010

Well I haven't gone to Tansley, carbooting this morning, even though I was up at 5:45am the weather was just too wet and at Tansley if it is wet it is very muddy and no fun at all. There is always next weekend.

I have put a few more things on ebay again and there will be some more things going on in the next couple of days. I am even going to put some of my jewellery on just to see how it goes. I hope you'll pop over and have a look for me. Here is a couple of pictures of one set that I have put on there.


Lesley said...

the necklace is gorgeous - when I got up today it was really bright and sunny so much so I sat outside in the sun having a coffee - hope you get loads of interest for your jewllery Lesley x

chris said...

Your necklace and earings are fabulous love the mix of colours.
hugs chris xx

Lesley said...

many thanks have changed the name - what would I do with out you checking up on me - Lesley x