Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A trickle of inspiration

Well it isn't much but I have had some inspiration over the past few days, a little help from my crafting friends at Creative Minds Craft Group
Elke and Sylvia, Thanks Ladies you have been a big help.
Last week we were playing with inks and I made quite a few backgrounds with inks and water.

Then this week I was determined to make at
least 1 card but instead I made 6!
Yes they are only small 4" x 4" but they are still cards.
I was really happy with them but some need finishing off a little.

and I just had to share this photo as although I didn't really enjoy the snow Oscar did..

Hope you have a good day.


Sylvia x said...

Glad to have helped Anne. The cards you made were soooo pretty.

See you tomorrow (assuming we don't get snowed in)

Sylvia x

Tracey said...

lovely, as usual Anne Tracey x

Buffy said...

These cards are gorgeous Anne, well done you!
Buffy x

Sue said...

wow Anne great to see you card making again xx

Lesley said...

What lovely cards you have made and so many backgrounds I'm sure you'll be able to make some wonderful cards with them. I've never made it to the carft group would love to come but Tuesdays is not a good day for me & the group starts quite early but have fun best wishes Lesley x