Monday, 13 June 2011

Some inspiration....Maybe?

I have really been lacking in inspiration just lately it is really frustrating
but today I went to a workshop all the way over in Newhall it was lovely, 
the lady who ran it was a new friend I met at a stamping event a couple of weeks ago,
her name is Elizabeth. Thanks for a great morning Elizabeth you have given my
inspiration a much needed boost. Here are the cards we made we 
using a shaving brush, sorry Ink Duster! to apply the ink for a different effect.      
I really had a great time and I hope you like them.

 I have even found out how to put a watermark on my photos
and here is my new signature, my I have been busy.


Sue said...

Brilliant cards Anne and clever you on the watermark you will have to share how to do it Luv Sue x

Elizabeth said...

I'm really sooo pleased that you enjoyed the morning, can I suggest that you use ink dusters not hubby's shaving brush.. he won't be happy with a pink beard! lol Elizabeth x x

Buffy said...

These are beautiful Anne

clarose said...

beautiful cards