Monday, 21 June 2010

I love Rhubarb

I got this rhubarb from my Mum's garden a few weeks ago as she is moving at the end of the year and this is what it looked like when I planted it in a tub when I got home.
It does look a bit bedraggled and I didn't hold out much hope of it ever growing.

But now look at it, i can't believe it has grown so much, I'm so surprised that it actually has, as I haven't fed or watered it at all it must be the compost I put it in and all the sunshine we have had. Won't be long before I am making Rhubarb Crumble at this rate, I'll have to post a picture when I do, I might even look into making some jam too.


Tracey said...

oh who has green fingers then. lol

Lesley said...

didn't you do well! - so it will rhubarb and ginger jam, rhubarb chutney etc in the not to distant future - another string to your bow as they say best wishes Lesley x